Novice Sparring

Supervised sparring sessions are perfect for novice boxers that have been attending BOXFIT on a regular basis that wish to start sparring. The sparring class is also great for members looking to compete in white collar boxing or as an amateur boxer in the future.

The sparring sessions will focus on the technical aspects of sparring and improving your performance in the ring. The sessions will be supervised and coached by one of our qualified boxing coaches and the following boxing equipment will be required:

Head Guard 16oz Gloves (minimum size), larger persons may require 18oz or 20oz sparring gloves Groin Guard /Protector Hand Wraps Gum Shield All equipment is on sale at the gym and please ensure you speak with us before purchasing anything to ensure it meets our required safety standards for sparring. Safety is our paramount importance in these sparring sessions and if you do not have the correct equipment you will not be allowed to spar. We will have some equipment available to lend out for those participating for the first time but you are encouraged to purchase your own as soon as possible.