Adult BOXFIT Class

Mixed class suitable for all levels from beginners upwards.

BOXFIT is perfect for somebody looking to begin boxing training and keep fit. These sessions involve basic boxing techniques; shadow boxing, bag work, circuit training, running and skipping. BOXFIT training is training like a boxer - without getting hit! It's a great way to lose weight, build confidence and learn self defence - it's also a fantastic stress reliever and the perfect antidote to city living. Boxing is also a good mental work out - there is nothing like pounding a heavy punchbag to clear your head!

With such an electric environment, these classes are guaranteed to be enjoyable and motivational. BOXFIT is fast becoming a popular way to lose weight, tone up and have fun.

In your first visit to the gym you need to bring basic training kit consisting of trainers, shorts or tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt or sweatshirt and a bottle of water. You will need hand wraps (worn underneath the gloves) to protect your hands whilst punching the bags and a skipping rope, these can be purchased at the gym for £5 each. We can lend you gloves to begin with but its advisable to purchase your own pair of gloves. All boxing equipment is on sale at the gym including gloves, skipping ropes, head guards, etc. Please seek the advice of one of our team before purchasing equipment to ensure that you have the correct kit for your requirements.

Gym membership is required or a one off £5.00 fee for first timers is permitted. Please note that this is a non contact session and sparing is prohibited.